I do this to make disciples

A conversation the other day caused me to think again about the reason that I am doing missions. It is obviously not for myself, because I could have a much more comfortable life not doing missions. The reason is to make disciples. There are going to be a lot of scenarios where I have to do things that I might not want to do or am not particularly interested in. But if it will make disciples, then it is important that I participate wholeheartedly.

One avenue that Hillside uses for missions is art. Now I am not particularly interested in art and never have been. I like things that look pretty, but that’s about it. However, art as mission is bringing people to know Christ that might not have been open to hearing about God otherwise. Art created by Christian artists allows for a great intro conversation into who God is and why we believe in Him. Even though I am not particularly interested in art as mission, it is making disciples, and that is something that I am absolutely interested in. So I am getting on board. I will choose to be excited about art as mission and will continue to ask God to grow my passion for making disciples through whatever means necessary.

Much love, B


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