Anyone that knows me knows that I am sarcastic and pretty sassy. I am also sweet, but there is definitely some straight up sassiness that comes out accidentally or not so accidentally. One of my favorite Facebook pages is called “Sarcasm,” and it is truly amazing. It is filled with a bunch of memes and GIFs that some marvelous person posts every day. I always find myself laughing about them, and so many of the posts I can relate to. So I decided to share some of them! Maybe you will like them and maybe you won’t…that’s okay. But I definitely love them and will continue to find joy scrolling through the page of sarcasm.

IMG_0348IMG_0353IMG_1266IMG_1259IMG_1257IMG_1258IMG_1255 (1)img_0350.pngIMG_1261IMG_0347IMG_1262IMG_1265IMG_1263IMG_0352

Much love, B


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