Yesterday my small group had Friends-giving together, and it was amazing. There was so much food that we could have had another Friends-giving using just the leftovers. Everything that you would typically have for Thanksgiving was there. IT WAS SO MUCH FOOD. There were drinks and desserts in abundance as well. It reminded me that we are definitely blessed to be able to partake in something like this. We were cozy and full and content.

26 of us gathered together for our Friends-giving. The room was filled with laughter and people chatting together. As I looked around the room, I thought…this is family. We are one big family that has its ups and downs, but that loves one another and does life together. Ifeel extremely blessed to be a part of this community…my second family. We all did a toast together where we toasted that we would be together forever! And I truly believe that. We were put together for a reason, and we have banded together and grown together over the last year and a half. I love my small group. We will forever be “The Good Community Group.”


Much love, B


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