Silly frustrations

Do you ever look back and think, wow why was I so frustrated by that? Sometimes in the moment things seem really big because we get tired, or little annoyances build throughout the day, or we feel like something was unfair. When these things build, something that is actually really small gets blown out of proportion later on. I had to remind myself last night that small things need to stay small and be let go. This might seem obvious, but I feel like it can be really easy to say you’ve let something go, and then it actually just sits in the back of your mind. It takes a conscious effort to release the small things, brush them off your shoulder, and then move on.

So what made me frustrated last night? Well it is actually pretty silly, but like I said in the moment it was super frustrating. I was playing in an indoor soccer game last night and had two fouls called on me for things that I did not do. The referee claimed that I had pushed another girl into the wall both times. The reality was that I had not touched her either time. She had actually pushed herself against the wall in order to block the ball from me. The referee told me that he would throw me out of the game if I did it again. That is when I became super frustrated, because I could be thrown out of a game for doing nothing. The other girl even admitted to me that I did not touch her, but was not willing to let the referee know. This just made me angrier because there should be a level of sportsmanship involved here. We are not in the World Cup. This is a recreational league for adults.

Luckily I did not get thrown out of the game. The frustration did carry over throughout the game, but I had to remind myself that in the grand scheme of things this is really small. Yes, it was unfair. I actually play with integrity, so it was frustrating that the referee assumed that I was purposefully doing these things and not being honest about it. But I am only in charge of my actions and not other peoples. I had to decide to be a good sport anyway. We get to choose our reaction to things that happen. In these moments it is important to view things that are small as small. We can’t let the small things take away from living a joyous life!

Much love, B


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