Meine Familie

Today we brought in photos of our family for our German speaking portion of the day. We brought in a photo so that we could learn how to identify people in our families and how to ask other people about their families. Our teacher started with his family photo so that he could model the words and how to say them. Then he taught us how to ask questions about someone’s family. So far we have not seen any written German words (although I have looked up a few), because the focus is on being able to converse with people. You don’t need to see written words for that. You just need to be able to say them.

I think this activity is a great one because it makes things personal. It allows us to talk about our families and to get to know the people around us better. This is good for being on the field, because family structure and family in general is important. By knowing words that relate to family, we can start getting to know basic information about people and the culture after just a few days of being in the country.

Much love, B


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