Numbers 1-20

Today we learned numbers 1-20 in German. We learned the numbers by using objects. Our teacher held up one book, then two books, then three books, etc. He said everything in German, and then we repeated it. Every time he added a book, we would go back and repeat the numbers starting at 1. After he taught us the numbers up to 20, we got into partners and practiced asking for certain numbers of items. I could ask my partner for 4 books and 2 pens for example. Here are the numbers 1 through 10, although they won’t mean anything to you unless you know how to pronounce them in German. If you try to pronounce them, you will give the words an American English pronunciation which would be incorrect.

1- eins

2- zwei

3- drei

4- vier

5- fünf

6- sechs

7- sieben

8- acht

9- neun

10- zehn

Much love, B


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