Countdown to trip

I leave on Wednesday for a month long trip to the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia…let the chaos begin! We are only allowed to bring carry on with us for this trip so I am figuring out what I need and how to fit it all in my little carry on suitcase. A lot will be left behind. I have to pack this evening and get all of my little bottles of liquids together…no more than 3 ounces! I went to the store yesterday and got all of the various medicines and other little things that I might need. I have all my shots up to date for the trip, and am really praying that I don’t get sick while in these places. I want to be able to take advantage of every moment of the trip! I will feel much better once I have packed and gotten everything together. We have training all day tomorrow for the trip so it is becoming real to me now. Only 2 days until take off. AHHHHHHHH! It’s crazy, but I am definitely excited!

Much love, B


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