I love my small group a lot. It is important to have a good community group that you do life with.


Much love, B


Good quote

“A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.” – Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill gave famous wartime speeches that inspired people through World War 2. That’s pretty good. I’d take his advice.

Also this quote is so true. I’ve sat through so many speeches that bored me to tears because people just drone on and on. Cover the subject, but make it short. Churchill really does just sum it up nicely!

Much love, B

Travel Tips

After having traveled to various places the last month, these are some of the things I have learned are important.

  1. Pack light- too much stuff will just weigh you down. Plus you don’t actually need that much to travel (I packed for a month with just a carry on, and I was fine).
  2. Bring wipes- you will need them. Really.
  3. Try lots of foods- Even if it seems strange or isn’t something you’ve ever heard of, you should try everything at least once.
  4. Photocopy important documents- you never know when an accident might happen and you lose something really important.
  5. Bring lots of underwear- you never want to run out of clean underwear.
  6. Bring bug spray- a lot of countries have mosquitos that carry nasty viruses. Come prepared (malaria pills are a good idea depending on where you are).
  7. Only drink bottled water- your stomach is not able to handle the drinking water in a lot of places. It’s best to be safe and not put your stomach through that.
  8. Have an open mind and be flexible- plans change. Just go with it! Try new things, say yes to things outside your comfort zone, and don’t put down other people’s culture or practices. Just because it is different than how you might do something, doesn’t make it wrong or bad.
  9. Go to the doctor a few weeks before you leave- you might need to get shots to help prevent certain diseases prevalent in the places you’re going.
  10. Alert your bank- even if you don’t think you will use a debit or credit card during your trip you will, so you need to put a travel alert on your account so that you can actually use your card. You never want to be caught without cash and no way to access money.
  11. Get travel insurance- Things happen. Just do it.
  12. Always bring anti-diarrhea medicine- It’s going to happen. It’s inevitable. So be prepared. There is no stopping it, unless you have this medicine.

Much love, B


Unfortunately I am prone to getting migraines. I used to get violently ill from them in college, but they have become much more tame since then. I started going to a chiropractor while in college in order to help relieve the tension in my neck and back, and it definitely helped. The tension in my neck is what causes my migraines, but so far I have not been able to help that dissipate. I have chronic neck pain, and as a result I have chronic migraines. If I take medicine in time then I am okay, but if I don’t then the consequences are not good. It is an annoying thing that I have to deal with because often I will feel a migraine coming on in the middle of a work day.

I start to feel really sick, and I have to stop doing whatever it is that I am working on so that I can take medicine and lay down for a little bit. Some days my migraines are short, and I can recover in 30 minutes. But some days it takes me a few hours to recover, which means that I cannot complete the tasks that I am supposed to. On rare occasions I can be out for an entire day trying to recover, which isn’t great for getting work done either. When my migraines come on I have to take medicine, lay down in the dark, and it has to be silent. There also cannot be any strong smells, otherwise I will start throwing up. It is an unfortunate thing, but at least for now I have no other solutions to help avoid getting migraines. Hopefully I can find some long term solutions in the near future that will minimize the amount that I get migraines.

Much love, B

Genie lamp

While I was gone on my trip, I bought myself a few souvenirs to bring back. When I saw this little genie lamp at one of the markets, I instantly loved it.


It looks so elegant and beautiful, and I love the design on it. This was actually my first purchase aside from food in North Africa. Now the culture in North Africa is one of bargaining, which is something I am not used to but knew would be necessary if I didn’t want to be ripped off. The price of items for foreigners is always at least double what local people would pay. The man saw me looking at this lamp and told me the price, but the price was really high for it at first. I told him that the price was too high. Then he took a little bit off the price, but I told him it was still too high. He then showed me a calculator and told me to type in what I was willing to pay for it. I typed in a number that was a lot lower. He raised it just a little bit, and then we made a deal. And that was my first experience bargaining for something! I probably still paid a lot more than a local would have paid for it, but I’m happy with it. I got better at bargaining with people as the trip went on, and by the end I didn’t really mind it. But I definitely still prefer knowing what the fixed price of an item is and then just deciding whether to buy it or not.

Much love, B

Snow day

Today we had a snow day! It’s spring time, and we have snow. This is a very classic Virginia move…have a couple of days in the 70s, then snow, then back to 70s, then snow. It’s like a game of ping pong with the weather here. I am not really a fan of snow. I like one day of it, and then I’m good not having it again until the next year. But I do like when it means that I get a day off. And today I needed this day off. I’ve been doing pretty well since being back from my trip, but I’ve still been a little sleepy and slow. Today was a good refresh day. A day to catch up on sleep and just relax. It was much needed. So I guess I’m thankful for the snow this time around, but I need spring to get here quick. I am more of a warm weather gal. I’m ready for some good time in the sun.

Much love, B

Dear me

A friend introduced me to this song last week, and I love it! The lyrics are about how her faith has changed over time. It is a letter to the younger her about the things she has learned as she has experienced life…how she has come to a greater understanding of who God is with time. Her knowledge of God has grown and that is a really good thing. I like how she said in an interview, “If we are still holding the same small container (of our knowledge of God) we started with, we’re not doing it right. Or maybe just not even doing it.” I would definitely agree. I think this song has a great message and is definitely worth a listen.

You can listen to the song and read an interview that she gave about the song here: 

“Dear Me

This is a letter to the girl I used to be

Some things are not as simple as we said

Remember when we thought there were a handful of some magic words to pray

A guarantee and a down payment on a mansion

Remember all the rules we made about the Body and the Blood

The hoops we made them jump through Though He offers it to everyone”

Much love, B

Home sweet home

I arrived back home Saturday evening from my month long trip. It feels really good to be home. I had forgotten how glorious sleeping in my own bed is, and I slept like a baby the last two nights. I still feel like I need a month to catch up on sleep, but it felt so good to be back in my bed. I went to church yesterday and caught up with a lot of people. I loved being back with my church family and telling people little tidbits about my trip. It was a good feeling to have everyone welcome me back home. I was able to spend time with my mom when I got back, which was really good. We talked in detail about all of the things that happened on my trip and all that I learned. I was also finally able to spend time with my boyfriend. I knew that I would miss him on the trip, but I didn’t realize exactly how much. It is really good to be back in the same city with him.

Much love, B