Alone Time

The last two mornings I have had off from my internship, and it has been really good for me. I’ve gotten to take the time to be by myself and to just relax for once. I feel like I am always running around doing something, and I am pretty much never alone. This can get pretty exhausting. This time off reminded me that I need to take some time for myself every now and then to recharge. It actually helps me to be more focused and productive because I have more energy, and I just feel better in general. Yesterday I got to go on a walk by myself and just read for a little bit. Today I got to sleep in and just be slow. It’s been really good. I forgot what this feels like because typically on the weekend I still have to wake up early.

I love what I’m doing, but I’m happy that I will get to go on vacation for a couple weeks after the internship ends. Then the craziness will begin again for the summer!

Much love, B


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